June 23, 2021

When Nintendo went Hollywood: a casual conversation with the man who helped shape the N64

Somewhat inexplicably, it is a quarter of a century since the Nintendo 64 first appeared in Japan - marking the beginning not just of Nintendo's first proper foray into 3D, but also the start of a whole new era of video games. It's far from Nintendo's most successful console, and with a relatively slim number of titles it's perhaps not one of its most beloved either, but there's a strong case to be made for the N64 being one of Nintendo's most important pieces of hardware.

Working within Nintendo back then was Giles Goddard, who'd helped push Nintendo into 3D with his work on Star Fox at Argonaut before he decamped to Kyoto to join the company full-time. It's here that Goddard worked on 1080° Snowboarding, the extreme sports game that went on to become beloved by many - and it's territory he's since returned to with Carve Snowboarding, which recently released on Oculus Quest to critical acclaim, while elsewhere his studio is lending its talents to PlayDate with the California Games-esque Whitewater Wipeout.

As the N64 approached this milestone anniversary, we spent a short while reminiscing about the console and its legacy with a man who was able to witness it all first-hand.

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