June 28, 2021

Valheim's new enemy AI is "absolute anarchy", players say

Last week, Valheim developer Iron Gate rolled out a patch that was intended to provide players with an extra level of challenge: enemies were tweaked to be more aggressive towards structures, meaning players would have to be more proactive about defending their homes. But some players feel Iron Gate went overboard with these changes, highlighting that the patch has resulted in some strange enemy behaviour - along with the wanton destruction of property.

Over on the Valheim subreddit, players have argued that Valheim's monsters are now too eager to attack buildings, sometimes opting to destroy structures even when standing directly next to the player. This has led to some "immersion-shattering" enemy behaviour, with monsters looking uncertain about who they should be attacking. Some players, meanwhile, are simply exasperated at the amount of damage now being caused in monster raids.

"Earlier today I had a troll invasion and I had three trolls attacking my base non-stop," said Reddit user Squatch11. "I literally couldn't get them to attack me. Half of my base was destroyed before I managed to kill them."

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