November 26, 2021

Top 7 games releasing in December - Halo Infinite, Solar Ash, and more

December is often a quiet time for new releases, with the Christmas month thought of as being a bit late in the year to unleash blockbuster titles. December 2021 is a bit different as one stonkingly huge game is arriving, having been delayed from its planned release in November 2020. That's right. Halo Infinite finally unleashes its campaign on December 8.

Check out the video above for a rundown of the seven games we reckon are the biggest arriving in December, plus a handful of honorable mentions that aren't too shabby either.

Aside from the Halo Infinite campaign, which Alex is super excited for having spent time with a near-final build, Solar Ash looks like a top notch indie effort, Chorus has some legit great looking space vibes, and The Gunk is sneaking out just before Christmas and might also be rather special - we'll wait and see.

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