July 23, 2021

The Witcher Pokémon Go-like game is out, but is it any good?

I had a fight with a hag in a park yesterday afternoon and no one seemed to notice. I had a fight with a griffin the size of a bus stop too, coincidentally right next to a bus stop. Did the people on the bus care? No they didn't. I fought ghouls and wyverns and there was even a horse's head on the pavement for a while. Somewhat amusingly, none of this looked particularly out of place in Brighton.

I'm playing the brand new Witcher mobile game, The Witcher - Monster Slayer. It's the game that's a bit like Pokémon Go and uses real-world map data to populate your local area with monsters for you to fight. You are a witcher after all (I'm actually a trained witcher but that's another story entirely).

It's not bad. A lot of effort has clearly gone in. Characters are voiced and there are illustrated cut-scenes. There are a few dialogue choices, there's limited character creation and customisation through skill trees. There's crafting and equipment to upgrade. The hallmarks of a witcher RPG are here. And seeing the monsters of that universe standing right in front of you, using the game's augmented reality mode, is endlessly cool. You get a real sense of their size.

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