September 4, 2021

The Sims 4's old Spa Day expansion is getting a big content refresh next week

One of The Sims 4's earliest expansions, 2015's Spa Day, is getting a refresh next week, introducing a whole range of new features and improvements that'll be free to existing owners.

The original Spa Day (one of EA's mid-tier Game Packs, sitting between the smaller-scale Stuff Packs and more substantial Expansion Packs) brought a focus on health and relaxation to the Sims 4, adding the new spa building type where visiting Sims could de-stress and re-energise, enjoying everything from steam baths and stone massages to yoga and meditation.

As outlined in developer Maxis' latest livestream, next week's surprisingly expansive update to Spa Day will bring new features and tighter integration with the core game. There's a new High Maintenance trait, for instance, which can be soothed by a day at the spa, giving a little more impetus to use the facilities. Meanwhile, the old Wellness skill has now been expanded so that child Sims can take advantage of its calming benefits by participating in yoga and meditation (while wearing some new activity appropriate clothing, no less).

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