June 19, 2021

Talking Point: Why Metroid Dread Will Be Worth $60

You're gonna pay for this.

With the announcement of Metroid Dread, a brand new 2D entry in the 35-year-old franchise that lends its name to an entire genre, the majority of reactions we've seen online have been overwhelmingly positive. As you may have noted with our rather comprehensive coverage since the game's E3 reveal, we're definitely in the positive camp; it is, after all, a brand new 2D Metroid coming 19 years after the last brand new installment, and it looks fantastic.

We have noticed, however, a small contingent of discontented gamers (unusual, we know!) questioning not only the involvement of developer MercurySteam, Nintendo's partners with on this project, but also Dread's $60 price tag.

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