March 27, 2021

Talking Point: Should It Be Easier To Customise A Nintendo Switch?

You bought it, you break it.

It's almost the dictionary definition of a first world problem, I know, but I've been having an awful time lately trying to make my Switch cute. Sure, there are a ton of Joy-Con colourways that I could drop at least 70 quid on, but the issue is that they aren't cute.

Forgive me for being the kind of gal who wants lovely pastels in my life, but Nintendo's neon offerings just don't do it for me, and the heavy branding of the Fortnite and Skyward Sword Joy-Con is really not my jam. And sure, there's the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch, which is quite beautiful, but I don't want an entire Switch! I have one already, even though it's got more battle scars than a tank.

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