June 2, 2021

Soapbox: Why Harvest Moon 2 GBC Is Still The Best Farming Game Around

Less is more.

We recently published our reader-ranked top 50 Game Boy Color games, and we've taking a look back at a handful of our favourite GBC carts. Today, Kerry reminisces about her very favourite farming sim...

There have been a lot of Harvest Moon games over the years, with almost every format between the SNES and the Switch graced by their agricultural appearances. Since 1996 the series has seen more than its fair share of sequels, splits, and spin-offs, and inspired an entire genre of slow life sims, including the likes of the incredibly popular Stardew Valley. As the games and gamers playing them have grown, so too have their complexity, with the farming now seen as just one enjoyable part of a whole range of interconnected activities and systems designed to keep players engaged and entertained for months — if not years — on end.

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