March 26, 2021

Review: Story of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town - Enjoyable, But Unremarkable

Is POOT a fart in the wind, or a glorious trumpet?

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town might not bear the Harvest Moon title that would identify it as a continuation of the beloved series, but that's all down to copyright, Japanese-to-English translation, and a schism between XSEED and Natsume. It's not very interesting, so to summarise: Story of Seasons is the original, and Harvest Moon (as it is now) is a cheap pretender to the throne.

But in the past few years, even though the rival Harvest Moon games have decreased rapidly in quality, the Story of Seasons series has floundered all the same – and Stardew Valley came to take its crown. Does Pioneers of Olive Town return triumphant, or does Stardew continue to reign supreme?

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