March 22, 2021

Review: A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism - Switch Tracks With This Complex Business Sim

You'll be chuffed to bits.

Choo! Choooo! All aboard! Land ahoy! Now, we’re not train experts but we know a good game when we see one – and A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism signals (pun intended) the first-class return (intended again) of a unique management sim on the Switch (again) platform (yep). Coupling (that’s five) railway construction with business management, the A-Train series is relatively underground (six) outside Japan, where it’s been picking up steam (seven) since first crossing the cathode ray tube (eight) in the 1985 Famicom original. For some, this latest arrival (ahem) will be another addictive sim to mainline (sorry); others, though, will be running bored (yikes). (Note: the subsequent 33 train puns in this review will, mercifully, not be demarcated in the text.)

A-Ressha de Ikou – “Let’s take the A-Train” – has seen so many releases over its 36-year history it’s hard to keep track (ok, maybe just one last one). Eventually arriving on platforms from Famicom to FM Towns to Xbox 360 and 3DS, its first great Western release was on PC in 1992. While on the surface A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism may appear to be a primarily construction-driven sim akin to Transport Tycoon, it provides a very Japanese take, where railway management involves getting your fingers into a veritable buffet car of pies, from real estate down to concessions stand retail.

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