June 28, 2021

"Regardless of how you feel about Sylvanas, you're going to get some answers"

Finally, it seems, Warcraft fans who have wondered just what Blizzard is doing with supervillain Sylvanas Windrunner will get some answers.

This week, Blizzard launches World of Warcraft Shadowlands update 9.1, dubbed Chains of Domination, and with it adds a brand new raid that ends with a boss fight against Warcraft's most divisive character: the Banshee Queen herself.

Sylvanas has been the subject of much debate for some time now, with players wondering whether she's set for a redemption arc. Sylvanas, let's remember, murdered loads of innocent Night Elves, shacked up with the mysterious Jailer, and helped to imprison King Anduin in the depths of the Maw.

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