July 26, 2021

Red Dead Online's horses have "gone wild" since update, players say

On 13th July, Red Dead Online received an update called Blood Money that added a number of features to the game (such as new clothing, passes and missions), but it seemingly changed something rather unexpected under the hood. The game's horses have been acting a little strange, and in some cases, are now causing terrible accidents by colliding with players. Perhaps this is all an unofficial sequel to Spirit.

As spotted by Kotaku, players have taken to social media to discuss the strange horse behaviour and share footage of the bugs. There are seemingly just a lot of player horses roaming through Red Dead Online, with players speculating that the horses are being left behind once players leave the lobby. Others suspect that the culprit could be a horse-cloning bug that occurs when the player enters a stable. There have even been reports of players finding AI clones of their own characters.

In any case, the abundance of horses is causing mayhem, with players colliding with the rogue horses and being sent flying from their own saddles. Rather more tragically, some of the player horses are simply being found dead.

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