May 27, 2021

Random: Golf Clubs And 'Brass Knuckles' - Nintendo Switch Accessories Reach New Heights

Seriously, Brass Knuckles.

If you cast your mind back to the Wii days, we were graced with more silly plastic accessories than you could wave a Wii Remote-supported Stick™ at. Of course, with the Nintendo Switch reaching similar giddy heights of popularity the wacky accessories are back, just with slightly smaller slots in which you can clip your Joy-Cons.

First up, aiming for the release of Mario Golf: Super Rush, we have 'Venom Super Rush Golf Club Joy-Con Controller Adaptors', which arrive on 25th June. They look small enough that you'd need to be 5 years old for the club to actually get close to the floor (that's the target audience, to be fair). But you know you want them so they can sit next to your Wii Remote Golf Adapters that you have stashed in the back of your cupboard.

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