May 26, 2021

PUBG's getting two new maps and a Miramar remaster

That's right, PUBG is getting another batch of fresh maps this year, as the dev team has unveiled its 2021 dev plan - and it includes two brand new locations along with a remaster for Miramar.

The first of these changes is the upcoming Miramar remaster, which is being rolled out in patch 12.1 (now live on PC test servers). Miramar has been tweaked and revamped before, but this time it's getting a "much larger remastering", using the technology used to improve other maps like Sanhok to tweak the "lighting, performance, graphical fidelity, topography, and of course special features".

Players can also expect to find "overhauls to terrain and building textures and layouts, easier traversal with the removal of unnecessary obstacles, and even updated cliffs to better fit in the more vertical experience the game has become". PUBG Corp provided a helpful before and after so you can see exactly what the improvements will look like:

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