May 28, 2021

People Have Been Receiving Weird Fortnite Postcards In The Mail, And They're Not Sure Why

Apparently, "they're coming".

Fortnite's seventh season is approaching, and ahead of the reveal, they've apparently been sending postcards to gamers, seemingly at random, and sending DVD players to influencers. Weird stealth marketing is hardly new — remember the time Watch Dogs sent a bomb-like package to members of the media, and told them threateningly to "check their voicemail"? Yikes.

Anyway, this isn't quite as upsetting, at least — but it has freaked some people out a little bit, because they're not entirely sure how Epic got their addresses. What's more, the postcards reportedly have no sender, and no text to explain what they're for, so they might look to most people like spam.

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