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Nintendo's Monthly Rewind Reminds Us Of November's Big Games And Updates

It was a decent month, yes? For a good while Nintendo has been producing 'Monthly Rewind' videos in which a very energetic voice-over walks us through key releases and moments from the last month. The November iteration has arrived and serves as a reminder that it was a pretty notable month for the Switch (and […]

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Battlefield 2042 deploy screen concept pretty much solves all of the current one's problems

One of the many inexplicable shortcomings of Battlefield 2042 has to do with the game's UI and HUD. Though DICE has brought back some missing features in recent patches, many of those elements are objectively worse in the new game compared to past titles. Case in point: the Battlefield 2042 deploy screen. This new iteration […]

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Discord testing premium memberships for channel subscriptions

Discord is testing a premium membership option which will allow server owners to monetise their communities further and sell access to exclusive channels. Previously, Discord users have been able to grant channel access to users, or groups of users, but not for payment within Discord itself. Typically, payment services such as Paypal, or groups of […]

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People's Choice Awards 2021: this is the complete list of winners | PCA ONLINE | BTS ...

THE FAMILY MOVIE OF 2021. Cinderella. Luca (WINNER). Raya and the last dragon. The Boss Baby: Family Business. The Mitchells against the machines. Read More

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People's Choice Awards 2021: BTS, Squid Game, Black Widow Bag Titles, See ... - Report Door

Raya and the Last Dragon. The Boss Baby: Family Business. The Mitchells vs. the Machines. Tom and Jerry. Vivo. Yes Day. Read More

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Dragonite added to Pokémon Unite in holiday event

Pokémon Unite gives the gift of Dragonite this holiday season. An update on 15th December will see plenty of new content added to the MOBA game, including the big orange dragon as a playable character. Read more Read More

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YouTuber Hit With 150 Copyright Claims For Reviews Featuring Anime Footage

YouTuber Mark Fitzpatrick of Totally Not Mark has made a name for himself with his manga and anime videos on YouTube. His reviews edit together montages from whatever he’s reviewing or critiquing as he expounds his thoughts in voice over. Mark says his use of copyright material is fair. Toei Animation, it seems,… Read more... […]

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Review: Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX - All Monsters Go To Heaven In Tecmo's Cult Classic

Breeding virtual monsters to fight for fun and profit. Name the first classic game series that centres around collecting, training, and battling monsters against other trainers around the continent that comes into your head. No, we’re not talking about Pokémon — instead we’re looking at Monster Rancher, a series which started in 1997 on the […]

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LAI Games introduces Aslphalt 9 Legends Arcade - Vending Times

Stern Pinball names Michael Grant marketing manager · Sega Amusements introduces 'Men in Black' arcade game. KEEP UP WITH WHAT'S NEW IN THE ...Read More

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Halo weapons added to Destiny 2 in Bungie 30th anniversary event

Bungie is celebrating its 30th anniversary with Destiny 2 content, including Halo-themed weapons. The Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack includes a new six-person raid where players travel to the realm of the Nine to play a game of dares. Read more Read More

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