March 24, 2021

New Proof Of Concept Video Showcases Zelda: Breath Of The Wild In Virtual Reality

No Labo involved here.

It feels like every other day we're hearing something new about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Between bread-based speedruns, Skyloft mods, and even fan-made expansions, the community has done plenty to keep this game alive four years after release. This time around, they've given us a look at how Hyrule looks in Virtual Reality, running through a Wii U emulator.

Brought to us by Brian Tate, you might recall that last month they also showcased Ocarina of Time 3D running at 4K/60fps. Offering six degrees of freedom, this mod lets you play in both first and third-person, and the latter replaces Link's character model with Zelda, though that's purely cosmetic.

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