November 19, 2021

Myth of Empires Early Access is Available Now!

Myth of Empires, the new large-scale multiplayer sandbox title from development studio Angela Game, has officially entered Early Access and offers players a chance to not only try about 70% of the content that will be featured in the full game, but also let them rest easy knowing that all their data will carry over when the game is officially released.

Myth of Empire’s Early Access will let players gather and hunt for resources to craft equipment, build massive fortresses, capture farmland and mines, plant crops, produce food, and gather minerals in their quest for victory. Horses can be captured and tamed, NPCs can be recruited to be used as both cavalry and warriors, and much more.

To help players build their own perfect empire, 25 skill trees will be available that each offer a variety of options to improve all aspects of gameplay. These upgrades will help them in their conquest to seize control of enemy territories, which can even be used to levy taxes to increase player’s cash reserves.

As previously mentioned, Myth of Empires Early Access will contain about 70% of the content that will be found in the full game. As the Early Access period continues, Angela Game will add such new features as “tree-based structures, NPC appearance customization, modding tools, new ways to use animals on the battlefield, musical instruments, new architecture and furniture, new armors and weapon skins, and more.”

Myth of Empires is meant to be welcoming to players of all skill levels. While everyone will start on a PVE server, they will be able to choose to transfer to a PVP server when they reach a certain level. While this obviously comes with more risks, the resources and rewards are greater. Furthermore, players can move back and forth between PVE and PVP servers when needed.

Another aspect that sets Myth of Empires apart is that servers all over the world are connected to each other and have their own geographic location on the in-game map. This allows players from all over the world to form alliances with one another or “unify the whole world in the game.”

For more on Myth of Empires, be sure to check out the six things you need to know about this upcoming multiplayer sandbox game so you’ll be the best leader of your army you can be. Once you feel like you’re ready for battle, head over to Myth of Empire’s Steam page to get started on your adventure today!

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