June 24, 2021

Monster Hunter finally broke the west, but it wants to go broader still

When the original Monster Hunter Stories launched back in 2016, Capcom's series' wasn't exactly unloved, yet it was still a relatively niche concern in the west - loved by a dedicated core, but yet to capture the mainstream imagination.

How much can change over five years. Its sequel launches to a world that's truly fallen for Monster Hunter - thanks in no small part to the breakout success of Monster Hunter World, which opened up the series to a whole new audience, which was followed up handsomely by this year's exquisite Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 picks up the turn-based template of the original, and once again is being handled by Capcom's internal team with the assistance of Marvelous - only this time it's coming to both Switch and PC (where you can expect 144fps support among other bells and whistles), and day and date with its release in Japan.

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