November 19, 2021

Mini Review: Klang 2 - A Noisy But Satisfying Rhythm Adventure

Pitch please.

There isn’t exactly an abundance of rhythm games available on the Switch (certainly not recently), so it goes without saying that Klang 2 sticks out a bit from the pack simply by catering to this oft-overlooked genre. We’re not sure why Tinimations decided to bring Klang 2 over to the Switch before its predecessor, but from what we’ve seen this entry is the stronger of the two. Klang 2 isn’t perfect and it’s rather short, but it successfully offers up an enjoyable rhythm action experience that genre fans will want to know about.

Klang 2 technically has a story, although it’s hardly anything that feels particularly worth experiencing. From what we can tell you’re playing in the role of an amnesiac “rave warrior” named Sonus, who’s being haunted by ghosts that are somehow related to his mystical tuning fork-like Tuneblade. A mysterious magical eye being named “A-Eye” thus decides to help him be rid of the ghosts forever, but only if he pledges his undying allegiance to the eye after he’s done.

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