May 27, 2021

Memory Pak: My Very First Shiny Pokémon

A tale of heartbreak, loss, and sparkles.

Earlier this month, there was a news story about a Pokéfan who had managed to catch not only every single Pokémon, but also every single shiny. Considering that the likelihood of finding a shiny Pokémon is around 1/4096 — although you can increase the rate slightly with various methods — this is a pretty impressive feat that would have taken a lot of resets, fishing, and walking back and forth in long grass. A tedious challenge, to be sure.

I have played almost every Pokémon game. I skipped Black and White 2, and I never finished Sun and Moon, but other than that, I'm fairly well-versed in the Pokéverse, even if my battle strategy is akin to entering a fencing competition with nothing but a large wooden club and a fistful of steroids.

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