June 25, 2021

Konami announces multiplayer detective game Crimesight

Good news everyone, Konami's working on a brand new game - other than New Football Game Online Performance Test - and this one certainly looks intriguing. It's a "mystery simulation game" called Crimesight, where players must deduce "not only the culprit, but the victim as well". What, were you expecting Silent Hill?

The social deduction game is set in a futuristic version of London where crimes can be predicted using an "analytical programme developed using data harvested online". This has led to reduced crime rates across the world, but the system predicts a crime that could "plunge the world into chaos", prompting the system's architects to create an AI called Sherlock to investigate and prevent this crime.

Sherlock must prevent the criminal mastermind AI (named Moriarty, of course) from committing simulated murder, while Moriarty will try to predict the perfect moment to murder an NPC avatar. The trailer explains that Crimesight allows for 2-4 person multiplayer, and that the game takes place on what looks like a virtual tabletop board.

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