November 19, 2021

Japan's Getting A Life-Size Lucario Plush And We're Immensely Jealous

Does expensive merch get any better than this?

When it comes to Pokémon merch, nowhere has it as good as Japan. In the past we've seen a huge Snorlax plush that doubles up as a bed, a fantastic human-sized Metapod cocoon that's perfect for jumping inside and being sad, and now we have a life-size Lucario that can apparently help you do the washing up. It's just not fair.

The Lucario, which measures exactly 1.2m tall (its exact measurement in the official Pokédex), is currently up for pre-order on Pokémon's official Japanese store. They're being made to order for a limited time, but you can only have them shipped to a Japanese address – if you're lucky enough to live in Japan, you can order one now for 46,200 yen (roughly $405 / £302). That's... pricey, but not as expensive as it could have been?

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