November 19, 2021

I'm still searching for a spark in Halo Infinite's campaign

Halo Infinite's campaign is about the spaces in-between. Open worlds live or die on those in-between spaces, don't they? What is the value of an open-world littered with objectives that are clearly displayed on a map screen, if there is nothing between the objectives to stumble upon, to lead you off the path of least resistance? What secrets will you uncover on this broken ring, if there is no sense of mystery to their discovery?

I've played Halo Infinite's campaign for a handful of hours now, taking in its first four missions and a generous dollop of exploration, and I'm still searching for that spark in the in-between places. Not the Guilty Spark - that relentless chatterbox can do one. I mean the kind of spark that surprises and delights.

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