May 28, 2021

Here's 14 minutes of gorgeous Horizon Forbidden West gameplay on PlayStation 5

Just as it promised, Sony has pulled back the veil on Guerrilla Games' highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West, sharing 14 minutes of gorgeous gameplay running on PlayStation 5.

As you can see in the video below, it's an immediate feast for the eyes, beginning as Aloy scrambles through dense jungle foliage before stumbling out onto a oceanside settlement, all sandy beaches, deep blue water, and vast rock spires on the horizon, shrouded in clouds. These, Guerrilla later confirms, are the remnants of San Francisco, millennia into the future, and it's here that Aloy encounters machine-riding raiders, immediately embarking on some nimble combat, firing arrows and hurtling acrobatically around the environment to escape their attack.

This initial sequence ends beneath the waves as Aloy swims through gorgeous coral reefs, kelp, and exotic fauna, fighting the current as she goes. Eventually she reaches dry land and encounters the raiders once more, this time choosing to take a more stealthy approach as she attempts to liberate her kidnapped friend.

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