November 21, 2021

Grab This Black Friday Deal on Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Nintendo has never forgotten its history as a toy-maker and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is the perfect blend of Nintendo's gaming arm and its past. This is one of the coolest Nintendo Switch gifts you can give this holiday, and there's a massive discount happening right now for Black Friday.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Black Friday Sale

As you can see, the major retailers have already started the deals promised earlier this month by Nintendo. It's really a great deal on an absolutely charming toy. Basically the best-selling game console going right now is a first-person controller for one of the coolest R/C car set-ups I think I've ever seen.

Both the Mario and Luigi sets are available and on sale. They come with the kart itself, which has a tiny little camera mounted to it for the first-person view. Additionally, you get the game (obviously) as well as a charging cable and gates to use to set up your in-home course.

Up to four players can race at once, but multiplayer used to require everyone had their own Switch. Not anymore. Nintendo just randomly rolled out an update allowing for two-player split-screen play with the Mario Kart Live set. In other words, if you have two of the toy cars, you no longer need two Switches and two copies of the game to be competitive.

This is just one of the many really excellent Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals already live right now. The Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 Black Friday bundle is already live, and the Black Friday deal on Ring Fit is rolling out at retailers, too.

Seth Macy is Executive Editor, IGN Commerce, and just wants to be your friend. You can find him hosting the Nintendo Voice Chat podcast.

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