May 25, 2021

Fortnite teases UFOs and a character reveal as its season draws to a close

Fortnite's storyline has kicked back into gear as its primal-themed season draws to a close. Today brings map changes, new challenges, extra-terrestrial warnings, and several hints at what next season may bring.

This morning, Fortnite received update 16.50, the last patch expected before its next season on 7th June. Eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed several changes around the island: a crashed helicopter near the dam, posters showing UFOs and friendly aliens at the beach, and flattened corn at the farm.

3pm UK time today brought a new set of "Foreshadowing" challenges live, where you're asked to investigate that helicopter, as well as a series of smashed telescopes on the island. Does someone not want its inhabitants looking at the skies?

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