March 23, 2021

Feature: The Bloodthirsty History Of Monster Hunter, From Sony PlayStation To Nintendo Switch

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Monster Hunter is Capcom’s second-best-selling video game franchise. It’s bigger than Street Fighter, it’s bigger than Devil May Cry, and it’s bigger than Mega Man. However, it could be argued that Monster Hunter has had a rocky road leading up to the monumental success of Monster Hunter: World in 2017 – at least in terms of global recognition, anyway.

So, how did the series manage to reach the heights that it enjoys now? It all begins with the advent of online console gaming. When Sony released the PlayStation 2 Network adapter in 2004, Capcom set out to develop online games to support this brand-new infrastructure; one of the fruits borne out of this initial effort was Monster Hunter, a third-person action game where you can team up with your friends to take down gigantic monsters. Inspired by games like Sega's seminal Phantasy Star Online, Monster Hunter established its trademark gameplay loop early. Gather, Craft, Hunt, Repeat.

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