March 26, 2021

Feature: Should You Buy Harvest Moon: One World, Or Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town?

We did a direct compare and contrast to answer that question for you!

Right, farming fans and friends: let's get it out of the way. Harvest Moon is not Harvest Moon. The series known as Bokujo Monogatari in Japan was translated as "Harvest Moon" when it came out back in 1997, and that title stuck with the series until 2013, when Natsume - the Western publisher of the Harvest Moon games - lost the rights. However, they kept the rights to the name, and have been churning out deeply disappointing, sub-par games ever since.

The real Harvest Moon games are now called "Story of Seasons" in the West, and if you're looking for a continuation of the farming series that you loved as a kid, that's where you need to direct your attention.

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