November 20, 2021

Feature: 14 Wii Games That Deserve Switch Ports

Swiitch ports.

It's now 15 years since Wii launched and the world was introduced to the inclusive delights of Wii Sports, waggle gaming, and Wii elbow. That little three-DVD-case-sized box of tricks delivered some real gems over its long life — many of which were tailor-made for the system's innovative remote-style motion controller and nunchuk and wouldn't work the same on any other platform.

Well, that's not quite true, is it? The Joy-Con controllers that slide onto the side of your Nintendo Switch feature all the gyroscopic motion-sensing gubbins needed to control any Wii game in a most authentic manner. In fact, we've seen a whole bunch of previously Wii-exclusive games on Switch already, including all-time classics like Super Mario Galaxy, Xenoblade Chronicles, and World of Goo, the first two games in the No More Heroes series, the HD port of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and the sublime Okami HD (okay, we're cheating with that one as it debuted on PS2, but the Wii port was a fine one).

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