November 19, 2021

Feature: 10 Overlooked GameCube Gems You Must Play

Small(ish) library, BIG surprises!

The North American 20th anniversary of Nintendo's cube-y console is upon us and we’ve come to realise that two entire decades is long enough for people to either forget the GameCube’s charming boxy shape or even grow to adulthood without ever handling Nintendo’s handled hardware. "0 years is also plenty of time for anything less than the very best and brightest examples of the system’s library to quietly fade from memory.

Best GameCube Games

So while this is the perfect time to dust off much-loved copies of F-Zero GX, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Metroid Prime for one more happy go, why don’t we dig a little deeper and celebrate the console’s wider and more unusual releases as well? Here we pick out some slightly more obscure imports and curios that often get barged out of the spotlight by Wind Waker, RE4 and the rest...

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