March 25, 2021

Dress Like A Character From Disco Elysium With This New ZA/UM Fashion Line

Please let us live vicariously through you.

Did you play through Disco Elysium thinking, "damn, I wish I looked as good as these chaotic weirdos"? Us too! Studio ZA/UM, the chaotic weirdos behind the award-winning narrative role-playing game / political Dungeons-and-Dragons-like (we never know quite how to categorise it) have partnered with a single seamstress in Estonia to make this fashion line, which is possibly the most Disco Elysium way to do it.

Right now, there are only three items available: Kim's Aerostatic Pilot Jacket (his iconic orange one), Kim's Aerostatic Crew Jacket (longer, and in black) and the Lilik-Hiriadi Death Cloak, which is described thusly:

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