October 17, 2021

Did Blade of Darkness really pioneer Dark Souls?

When it originally launched in 2001, Severance: Blade of Darkness was known as the game in which you could beat enemies to death with their own limbs. But this grisly little factoid isn't actually true. You can beat enemies to death with other enemies' limbs, which if anything is more depraved, but the idea you can lop a goblin's arm off and then cave in their skull with the bloody end is a myth.

Then again, Blade of Darkness is a game suited to myth. The action RPG developed by defunct Spanish developer Rebel Act Studios has spent much of its existence trapped in a realm of legal limbo. But it has recently been unleashed from its copyright dungeon by publisher SNEG, relaunching on Steam with a slightly abridged title and some much-needed support for modern screens and machines.

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