September 6, 2021

DF Direct Weekly talks Dead Space Remake and Psychonauts 2

Welcome to the blog post announcing the arrival of the 27th Digital Foundry Direct Weekly, the show for discussion of the latest gaming and tech news. I won't talk too much about this one as ultimately, I was not involved in it! We like to have a rotating panel on each Direct and sometimes our workflow is such that we can't spare the time to take part, but regardless - there's a good, solid, 75 minutes of chat for you to enjoy this week, kicking off with the somewhat unorthodox but still welcome reveal of the Dead Space Remake.

Summer is the time where we try to take some vacation time, and this does mean that we can't always cover every game we want to with either video or written content - Psychonauts 2 is a case in point here. John's a big fan of the game, however, and shares his thoughts on it in this week's Direct, as well as lamenting the sad loss of Konami's remarkable Breeding Stud franchise. Assassin's Creed Odyssey's 60fps patch? Some light coverage this week, but we'll be looking to go hands-on with it when we can.

Beyond that, retro collectors John and Audi share their thoughts on the WATA grading and trading stories that have emerged this week and their general thoughts on putting collectible games into protective plastic packaging and basically ensuring they can never be played again. The team also share their thoughts on this week's PlayStation Showcase - what titles should we expect to see?

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