June 28, 2021

DF Direct Weekly talks AMD FSR, Sonic's 30th Anniversary and the legacy of PAL

Another week, another weekly - specifically, DF Direct Weekly - the discussion show that sees the Digital Foundry team down tools for a couple of hours on a Thursday morning to discuss the latest gaming tech news. However, perhaps predictably, there wasn't actually much in the way of new things to talk about in the wake of this year's 'E3' - but regardless, somehow we still managed to produce the longest Direct we've made yet!

Heading up the list of topics this week is AMD's FSR - FidelityFX Super Resolution. It's been interesting to see the reaction to AMD's smart upscaler, but what is it really? How does it fit into the timeline of image reconstruction techniques we've seen deployed in full force, pretty much since PlayStation 4 Pro shipped in November 2016? If it's not comparable to the existing temporal super-sampling techniques, what does it add to the mix of reconstruction and upscaling techniques already out there?

In the week of Sonic's 30th anniversary, the team share their earliest and most memorable Sonic moments, there's discussion on the status of Intellivision Amico, plus we revisit the problems of the PAL era of gaming - as it seems that the recent Alex Kidd remake seems to have been based on a PAL version of the original game... and 50Hz content displayed on a 60Hz screen just doesn't really work. Beyond that, we talk about our recent and upcoming projects - including a look at Lego Builders and Nvidia's revised DLSS 2.2.

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