June 17, 2021

Cyber Hook Swings Onto Nintendo Switch Very Soon

Adds motion controls for a new experience.

It's not so long ago that so many games had 'Cyber' in the title that it was becoming a genre of its own, but the passing of time and some controversies for the source of that rush of cyberpunk has calmed it all down. Nevertheless, 'cyber' and 'punk' are still cool when used well in a game, and Cyber Hook is a fun title that's bringing frantic action to the Switch eShop soon; it arrives on 24th June priced at $14.99USD.

This is a title that found an eager audience when it initially arrived on PC last year; it's a fast-paced first-person runner where you shoot and grapple your way through some rather tricky stages. As you can see in the trailer above this is a game that will be pretty darn challenging, and it includes worldwide leaderboards for the competitive among you that want to master each run. New for the Switch version will be motion controls, too, presumably for aiming.

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