July 26, 2021

Check out the Apex Legends Emergence gameplay trailer here

EA and Respawn have revealed the debut Apex Legends Emergence gameplay trailer, showing off what you’ll be playing in the new season, and it’s certainly an action-packed showcase.

A new two-and-a-half-minute trailer has set the scene for what players can expect in the new season of Apex Legends, showing off a changed map, a new Legend (that’ll be Seer), and more besides. This is the tenth season of the long-running battle royale, and at this point it looks like Respawn has got the rollout and the cadence at which it releases new information about the whole thing down to an art.

The trailer teases a new battlepass (that’s to be expected with any new season, at this point), a new weapon (an LMG called Rampage), and some new POIs on the map, too. If you’re a fan of the arenas, you’ll be pleased to know Ranked Arenas are coming to the game as of the new update – they’re also teased here.

Check out the full gameplay trailer below, and watch out in particular for the cool new footage of Seer in action.

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A couple of notable POI changes include:
• Refinery has been removed and replaced with a bigger POI called Climatizer
• Fissure has been enlarged
• Train Yard has been demolished by the landslide
• A huge sinkhole, called Lava Siphon, has swallowed up Factory

Expect more changes to be revealed in due course.

During EA Play Live 2021, Respawn and EA revealed that Apex Legends: Emergence, the next major update for the game, will launch next in August. Apex Legends: Emergence will launch on August 3 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

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