Color Spin

Arcade Editor's Choice Mob Master 01 Oct , 2019 0

Color Spin, is an arcade strategy game, in which you will have to think hard to achieve the goal … Remember! If the music ends, you lose!The game has integrated instructions
The game has integrated instructions.Touch or click the screen to throw the ball.How to play:-Try to get the requested points in each level to unlock the new one!-Touch the screen to throw the ball and try to impact with the core to obtain the score-Dodge every obstacle that prevents you from advancing. If you collide with any obstacle, you will lose!-Each level has a different difficulty, so you will have to practice a lot!-And remember, when the music ends, the game finishTips:-Try to memorize the pattern of the obstacles in motion from each level, it could repeat-When you are on a high score, play calm because the difficulty is increasing at the same time you get the points-At the start of the level, throw the ball the fast as you can to get the advantage