Pirates Of Islets

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Pirates Of Islets


Ahoy Captain! Imagine yourself being the pirate of a lost Island where you are busy looting hidden treasure chest and glittery gold coins. Get ready to enjoy this unforgettable adventure.

The pirate of Islets is an adventure game filled with so many adventure thrills, bonus and coins. You are on a mission of finding and exploring the hidden secrets in the sand of this island. In this online arcade game, the pirate Captain Jump from one point to another point looting the coins on his way. On your way you can also earn multiple bonus, power ups and treasure chest occupied with so many glittery gold coins. Additionally, you can upgrade to different characters, power ups and maps by collecting as many coins as possible. So do you want to be the next pirate? Are you ready to explore what’s hidden?

The best part of this online arcade game includes: 

  1. Adventurous Game 
  2. Attractive and eye Popping Island theme
  3. Collecting glittery coins
  4. Adventurous map makes it quite exciting
  5. Bonus power ups and treasure bonus
  6. Real time feedback of coins collected and time 
  7. Buy/shop and upgrade options
  8. Cartoonist animation to make you addictive

Apart from addictive adventurous island gaming layout, here are these few things that can be improved:

  1. Extra Life lines
  2. Quick and daily challenges to earn extra  points and bonus

How to Play the game

First, click on “Play Now” at  https://mobplay.games/blog/pirates-of-islets/.

Next, press the green round “Play” Button. An ad will start to play. Watch it until the "Skip Ad" button appears. Click the "Skip Ad" button and wait for the game to load.

Once you are in the game, you can use the following as a guide to start your adventurous island hunt:

  • Click either on the thumb button to start the game. Or you can upgrade map, characters, and power-ups. Moreover edit, adjust sound/music and view the animation instructions at home screen.
  • Follow the animation as a guide to play your game. Jump to move around in the game



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