Moto Fury

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Moto Fury

Do you like to drive your two wheel beauty fast? Are you one of the craziest riders who love speed? This is arcade game will unleash the speed devil in you! Moto Fury is designed in such a way that it balances your taste of bike ride adventure and thrilling speed. All you have to ride the bike long and fast on a country pathway while protecting it from crashing down with other vehicles. You can unlock different moto styles and country locations after earning coins. The best part of this online arcade game includes

  1. Smooth gaming experience
  2. Engaging user interface and game design
  3. Attractive Country paths
  4. Real Time feedback from bike speed and coins
Apart from smooth and relaxed game layout these are the few things that can be improved:
  1. Limited Moto style customization
  2. extra life or chances could be a good addition.
How to Play the game: After clicking on “Play Now” at, follow these steps to start your moto craze: Click on green “Play” Button,then “skip the add” and wait for the game to load. Step1: You can either directly go to customization screen by clicking “Play” Button or adjust sound by turn it on/off by clicking on “Options” button or read the game play navigation instructions from “Instruction” button.   Step 2: You can either select the by default moto ride or can buy the moto of your choice additionally you can also either choose by default country location or can buy from your earned coins. Step 3: Enjoy your game play time by moving your moto either using cursor or by buttons at the bottom of the screen. Carefully ride between adventurous pathway among the vehicles and protecting it from crashing down to other vehicles.