Goalkeeper Challenge

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Goalkeeper Challenge


You are the best goalkeeper in town and you are gonna stop your opponent from scoring any goals. This is a challenging arcade game that test your ability to act and think fast. 

Soccer game is always fun to play, but the most challenging part while playing this spontaneous sport is goalkeeping. This part requires extra focus, impressive brainy skills and an active mind. To look around each and every side, observe every opponent move and then try to save that goal. In this online arcade game, you are the goalkeeper and you are here to making sure that no ball passes through the goal line. You need to be nimble to catch the ball. Can you do that?

Keep your mind active, observe the direction of the ball, complete the level and unlock new one by winning the match through stopping at least 3 balls out of 5 to pass through. So do you want to test your pro soccer skills? Or are you the one who wants to learn soccer goalkeeping skills? Then don’t wait just let the game begin.

The best part of this online arcade game includes: 

  1. Simplified Graphic interface
  2. Real Time animation characters
  3. Interactive theme
  4. Multi level game
  5. Enhance your soccer skills
  6. Fast paced action game
  7. Keeps the brain active and focused
  8. Different numbers of penalty balls and at least 3 balls won’t pass through

Apart from focused soccer gaming layout, here are these few things that can be improved:

  1. Power boosters and bonus
  2. Mini challenges to learn move moves

How to Play the game

First, click on “Play Now” at https://mobplay.games/blog/goalkeeper-challenge/.

Next, press the green round “Play” Button. An ad will start to play. Watch it until the "Skip Ad" button appears. Click the "Skip Ad" button and wait for the game to load.

Once you are in the game, you can use the following as a guide to start winning:

  • At home screen, adjusts music/sound by clicking on “music”. You can also resume to recently played game by clicking or Click on the play to start the game
  • Select the unlock level you want to play, 
  • Start playing and practicing your goalkeeping skills. With the help of mouse quickly move the goalkeeper gloves over the screen while carefully observing the direction of the ball.. Current level, number of penalty balls, number of balls saved is the real time feedback. Moreover, music, pause/play game and exit are the few options you can use during game play,



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