FatBoy Dream

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FatBoy Dream


This is a fun and addictive adventure arcade game. Immerse in a land where you jump between donuts to collect candies. Indulge and have fun without feeling guilty :)

FatBoy dream game is a fun game that has the cutest chubby boy who loves food.  This boy has the dreaming world filled with crunchiest scrumptious donuts and he wants to jump here and there into his never ending dreamy world. Addicted adventure arcade game has so much fun. Here player went into the valley of different types of donuts. Through mouse play the game, jumping over the donuts to collect the tastiest candies on your way. But be careful; Try not to fall down from them. Are you ready to dream about your donut valley?

The best part of this online arcade game includes: 

  1. Funny fat boy in town 
  2. Dreaming world of donut
  3. Surprising sweet treats
  4. Colorful and cheerful themes
  5. Full screen play mode
  6. Attractive animations
  7. Easy to pick and hard to play

Apart from shine and bright colorful layout, here are these few things that can be improved:

  1. Enhanced game Challenges
  2. Game level
  3. Extra goodies and candies
  4. Extra life to play games longer
  5. Power boosters and bonus

How to Play the game

First, click on “Play Now” at https://mobplay.games/blog/fatboy-dream/.

Next, press the green round “Play” Button. An ad will start to play. Watch it until the "Skip Ad" button appears. Click the "Skip Ad" button and wait for the game to load.

Once you are in the game, you can use the following as a guide to start your adventure:

  • Click on the play button or adjust music/sound by clicking on “Sound” icon else click on full screen.
  • Read the game instructions
  • You can earn the coin by jumping from one donut to another. You can exit the game, mute sound and full screen by clicking on the top right screen. Moreover, at the top left side you can view the real time feedback of best scores and points earned.



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