In this arcade game, perform crazy stunts with a roller coaster truck! Experience the thrill and excitement as you speed through a never ending track!

Endless Truck gives you the ultimate thrill to perform crazy stunts. This online arcade game enables the player to drive their trucks as far as they wanted while maintaining the speed. Be careful, not to run out of gas when collecting the bucks and goodie surprises on the endless pathway. So are you ready for this adventure? Are you the one who is excellent at handling the bulky monsters? Can you dare to perform the stunt while driving crazy monsters? Then don’t wait, this is the time to race those wheels.

The best part of this online arcade game includes: 

  1. Exciting gaming arena experience
  2. Engaging user interface and game design
  3. Attractive animations and colorful refreshing Interface
  4. Upgrade your truck from garage anytime
  5. Ultimate fun with Fuel Refuel bonus and surprise boosters
  6. Real Time feedback from miles covered, bucks collected
  7. Edit your name and country region

Apart from thrilling, exciting gaming layout, here are these few things that can be improved:

  1. Daily offers could be more fun
  2. Small, quick and tricky challenges could add more excitement

How to play the game

First, click on “Play Now” at

Next, press the green round “Play” Button. An ad will start to play. Watch it until the "Skip Ad" button appears. Click the "Skip Ad" button and wait for the game to load.

Once you are in the game, you can use the following as a guide to start your craziest truck thrill:

  • By using arrows or click the right and left arrow buttons for switching the other screens back and forth to view top 20 high scores and upgrade truck by buying products from the garage.
  • Follow the animation as a guide to play your game. Flip the truck, perform stunts and get extra bonus points. Carefully drive the truck between adventurous pathway, fuel boosters and obstacle. You can enable pause/play at anytime.