Color Shape

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Color Shape

Are you good at focusing and want to energize your focus skills with more challenges?  Then Color shape is the best online arcade game that satisfy your urge.   Guide the shapes carefully through the various obstacles in this super addictive skill game!   While playing Color Shape game you will feel more confident as it helps you in learning how to improve your focus. During the game play you have to pass the colored shape carefully though multiple obstacles. Each obstacle is jumbled with the different color combinations. Playing with colors can be harder, so the moment you lose the focus you will lose the game. The best part of this online arcade game includes:

  1. Simplified UX Design
  2. Addicted game you want to play longer
  3. Keeps you focused and potential high throughout the game
  4. Help you in Improving your personal skills
  5. Obstacles in game makes it more challenging yet more exciting
  6. Eye catching Shapes, colors and animations
  7. Can be taken as one of the best brainy exercise
Apart from energetic and addictive game layout these are the few things that can be improved:
  1. Setting up more levels and stages
  2. Adding few rewards on each accomplishment
  3. Extra life or chances could be a good addition.
How to Play this online arcade game: After clicking on “Play Now” at, follow these steps to begin your colorful challenging excitement: Click on green “Play” Button,then “skip the add” and wait for the game to load. Step1: Most simplified home screen consist of two buttons and number of stars earned. “Play” Button to start the game and “Sound” icon used to adjust sound by turn it on/off. Step 2: When the game starts, carefully guide the color shaped to pass through multiple colorful hurdles. You can earn the stars after passing each obstacle,the more you earn the stars more you get a high score.