Basket Monsterz

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Basket Monsterz

To all the sporty players who love basketball and love scary horrible stories this Basket Monsterz is just made for you. This online arcade game gives you a glimpse of halloween monsters scary tales of basketball court. In Basket Monsterz you will have to play basketball arena match against an opponent. Pointing the ball triggering it towards the basket of your opponent, aiming the target and earn a goal and win the match. the more goal means more points. For better compatibility, play this game on PC or Desktop. The best part of this online arcade game includes:

  1. Efficient User Interface
  2. Basketball and Spooky theme
  3. Extensive Team groups and monster selection
  4. Help you to stay active and focused
  5. Bring fun andImproving your personal skills
  6. Opponents and challenges make it interesting
  Apart from smooth and relaxed game layout these are the few things that can be improved:
  1. Static Challenges and background
  2. Addition of few rewards and boosters in each game can be more interesting
  3. Choosing the opponent of your choice
How to Play this online arcade game: After clicking on “Play Now” at, follow these steps to begin your spooky horror thrill: Click on green “Play” Button,then “skip the add” and wait for the game to load. Step1: Less complicated home screen with limited buttons. You can either start game by clicking “Play” Button and you use “setting” button to adjust sound turn it on and off or you can read the instruction manual. Step 2: next screen you can either play as single skip group or you can pick your team members from different groups A to D. Step 3: Follow the road to final screen If you skip the group or team And if you choose group you will follow the group stage. Step 2: When the game begins, carefully target the basket and hit the ball when ready. You will earn score in each goal and win the game if you successfully finish ten goals.