Arcade Golf: NEON

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Arcade Golf: NEON


An online arcade game that lets you play your classic golf in neon galaxy. Imagine playing golf in neon lights. Explore this new virtual playground today (without a sweat)

The vast green golf court along with some holes and pockets are the first few thoughts that came into mind when you heard golf. However, in Arcade Golf: Neon you don’t see the patch of any traditional design. In this online arcade game, you have to play golf with the twist of retro neon colors. Pick the game mode you want to play, where each course level is filled with eye catching minimalist neon paths and you have to pocket the ball with the least number of strokes. For the perfect pocket carefully aim the ball, drag it and hit towards the target. Does this neon golf combination fascinate you? Do you want to play this minimalistic version of retro golf? Then click on “Play now” Now!!!

The best part of this online arcade game includes: 

  1. Exciting User Design and Interface
  2. Engaging and eye catching theme
  3. Attractive animations 
  4. Minimalistic Neon pathway
  5. Different Golf categories
  6. Carefully Aiming the right angel is a key
  7. Real Time feedback from number of holes, number of strokes

Apart from neon golf mystic combination gaming layout, here are these few things that can be improved:

  1. Adding up some power boosters
  2. Quick easy challenges to earn extra  points, hits

How to Play the game

First, click on “Play Now” at

Next, press the green round “Play” Button. An ad will start to play. Watch it until the "Skip Ad" button appears. Click the "Skip Ad" button and wait for the game to load.

Once you are in the game, you can use the following as a guide to start your challenging golf session:

  • Click either on the play button to start the game. Or can edit, adjust and turn tutorial on/off. Moreover directly mute the sound through sound icon at home screen.
  • Select any golf mode between 25, 50,100 holes, and hole in one or practice.
  • Follow the animation as a guide to play your game. Target the hole, aim the ball, drag it and hit it. By click on pause button you can view the game mode, number of hits & holes, pause/play, back to the home screen at anytime during game play.



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