Allez Hop

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Allez Hop

Remember the time when going to a circus brings so much fun and excitement. Those colors, goody surprises and everlasting joy. What If you can have the same joy at home. Allez Hop is the online arcade game that holds pentora of circus acrobat. Do you dare to play in this circus arena? The style theme of Allez Hop game play follows that of pinball game. You have to equip yourself with this pinball skill while balancing the bravest acrobat. To jump higher you can use Cannons and ropes. However, while jumping high protect the acrobat from obstacle and bicycles. On your circus adventure collect as many coins as you could while pushing yourself further. Can you challenge your skills to get a high score? The best part of this online arcade game includes:

  1. Simple and colorful game design
  2. Addicted enough to bring out the child inside you
  3. Requires your balancing skills
  4. Obstacles in game makes it more enjoyable and more exciting
  5. Eye catching colors and animations
  6. Can be taken as a substitute when bored.
Apart from energetic and addictive game layout these are the few things that can be improved:
  1. Extra life or chances could be an extra option’
  2. Few levels or surprising daily challenges to add up some extra scores.
How to Play this online arcade game: After clicking on “Play Now” at, follow these steps to begin your colorful challenging excitement: Click on green “Play” Button, then “skip the add” and wait for the game to load. Step1: One of the simplified home screens consist of a button and an icon.“Play” Button to start the game and “Sound” icon used to adjust sound by turn it on/off. Step 2: When the game begins, tap the screen to let the acrobat jump high into the arena of colorful pinball thrill. Collecting the stars, protecting from obstacles and maintaining the balance will be challenging, On the right side of the top most screen you can see the best score whereas the left side shows the current scores collected through coins.



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