May 28, 2021

Beyond NRG review: how I gave up coffee for a gaming energy drink

I've been lucky enough to test out a bunch of weird and wonderful tech, but I don't always get a chance to share my discoveries in a full review or roundup. That's why this column exists, to highlight bits of tech that might not fit elsewhere but nonetheless deserve a mention. Enjoy!

I'm gonna warn you now - this is a weird one. Normally this semi-regular column looks at weird tech, but this time we're stretching the usual gaming-adjacent space as we examine two oddities: the Flexispot Desk Bike and the Beyond NRG gaming drink. Both sound laughable at first blush, but a surprising amount of thought has gone into fleshing out these products into something that might be genuinely valuable to you - whether you're after a way to stay fit while gaming or maximise your K/D by any means necessary. Let's take a look, starting with that seriously strange desk and bike hybrid.

Flexispot Desk Bike

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