July 28, 2021

Activision Blizzard employees planning walkout following company's "abhorrent" response to discrimination lawsuit

Activision Blizzard employees are planning a walkout tomorrow, 28th July, in protest against the company's response to a recent lawsuit from California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing alleging a "frat boy" work culture that created "a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women".

Activision was quick to slam the lawsuit, strongly denying its claims and dismissing it as "irresponsible behaviour from unaccountable State bureaucrats that are driving many of the State's best businesses out of California".

That was a stance repeated in an email reportedly disseminated by Activision Blizzard executive Fran Townsend, who insisted the lawsuit "presented a distorted and untrue picture of our company, including factually incorrect, old, and out of context stories". Townshead continued, "Rest assured that leadership is committed to continuing to maintain a safe, fair, and inclusive workplace. We cannot let egregious actions of others, and a truly meritless and irresponsible lawsuit, damage our culture of respect and equal opportunity for all employees."

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